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LET US SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION... our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities and experiences.

Featured Products

Light & Sounds - Sensor Stick

TOUCH both ends to complete the circuit and produce crazy light and sound effects. Excellent tool to encourage group participation.

Balls - Furry Critter Bean Bag

FUN tactile soft furry characters filled with beans. Cute and adorable furry critter bean bag balls, available in a range of different characters and designs for you to choose from

Balls - Furry Super Heroes Bean Bag

SUPER heroes & villains furry ball characters filled with beans and available in a fun range of 12 different Super characters for you to choose from

Balls - Light Up, Glitter

MAGICAL visual delights, fascinating to observe, and super bouncy too - glitter glints magically within and erupts into mesmerizing swirling clouds of dancing glitter

Lights & Sounds - Twilight Turtle Tunes

PLUSH character with added blue tooth technology! Supplied with free library tunes app of melodies & sounds. Projects colour morphing starry night sky with 8 constellations that create a magical sleep-time environment, with whilst also...

Lights & Sounds - Cosmic UFO

PLAY TIME 3 fun light sequences and a motion sensor that triggers 'flying' sounds - BED TIME relax with one of two soothing sounds, while the UFO projects a multicolored 'Northern Lights' effect. It's out...

Balls -  Magic Expanding

EXTREMELY tactile and satisfying to open and close, this ball retracts when thrown and can be pulled out to many times its original size

Balls - Spiky Textured, 2-Colours

TACTILE spiky-textured surface which is wonderful to touch and experience. Made from hard wearing translucent plastic in 2 different colours, pliable and soft to touch with an internal flashing light activated when bounced

Stretchy Octopus

SUPER tactile octopus which is stretchy and highly pliable - this irresistible character is bright and colourful and is sure to be a favourite with fidgets to squeeze, stretch and experience

Lights - Twilight Carz

FUN day & night companion with illuminated head & tail lights & fully functioning wheels - transforms any room at night-time into a starry night sky with fun lightning bolts. Helps children effortlessly transition from...

Lights - Strings of Lights Garland

GORGEOUS garland of translucent LED lights on a string - battery operated so completely portable to take anywhere - safe and do not heat up. Available in 3 lovely designs

Lights - Twilight Turtle

PLUSH characters which transform any room at night-time into a starry night sky with constellations that create a magical sleep-time environment, whilst also being educational. Shell illuminates in 3 soothing colour options to ease fear...

Balancing - Textured Balancing Disc

TEXTURED device for strength and stability exercises and can also develop balancing skills.

Aroma - Scentos Scented Activity Set

FRUIT scented bumper activity box includes a great range of over 75 Scentos stationery including marker pens, pencils, paints and more - provides great smells whilst you're being creative!

Blower - Wooden Train Pipe & Ball

QUALITY wooden version of a classic old favourite - ideal for stamina, tracking and focus skills, promoting respiratory exercise for the brain, and nostalgic fun for all ages.

Top - Spinning, Mini LED Light Up

MESMERISING changing light effects are provided by this mini lightweight plastic spinning top - switch on and give it a twirl - fantastic visual resource!

Balls - Water, Light Up Glitter Disco

GLITTER disco water balls with opaque cut out circles in which to observe the glitter swirling around inside - and what's more they light up too! Super bouncy balls to observe and enjoy.

Light - Crystal Lamp, Kaleidoscope

ROTATING light that projects a kaleidoscope of patterns through its rotating prism-like cover on to any surface. Small, lightweight and portable with mesmerising patterns.

Construction Jungle

CONSTRUCT these animals any way you choose - super twisting and fiddling satisfaction - unique and robust wooden fidget toy available in different characters

Hopper - Rody Horse

TRAIN co-ordination and balance whilst promoting proprioception, muscular strength, and endurance - as well as great fun! Elevated riding position helps confidence. Available in 4 colours; plus larger Max size; and a Rocking Base.

Ball - Activity Sound

FANTASTIC activity ball made from clear plastic which allows the colourful internal balls to be seen as they move around inside making sound.