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Let us spark your imagination… our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities. Unlock their potential… draw on a combination of skills including memory, cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and all of the senses.

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Featured Products

Ball - Furry Critter Bean Bag

FUN tactile soft furry characters filled with beans. Cute and adorable furry critter bean bag balls, available in a range of different characters and designs for you to choose from

Ball - Anti-Stress, Stretchy, Smiley Face

ANTI-STRESS highly pliable and stretchy lightweight ball with soft rubbery outer membrane filled with a soft stretchy white foam putty to squeeze, stretch and manipulate.

Ball - Moody Funny Face Bean Bag

This is the softest, stretchiest, tactile ball you can imagine - the high-stretch cover is soft, silky smooth and stretchy - throw it, squeeze it, stretch it, catch it.

Light Up - Sound Activated LED Bracelet

SOUND reactive LED light up bracelet - talk, sing or play your favourite music and watch the super bright LED lights dance!

Ball - Light Up, Spectra Strobe

FIRM rubbery textured ball made of brightly coloured translucent sections. Bounce or hit the ball to activate the bright internal LED flashing lights.

Baton - Light Up, Disco

An opaque coloured handle with a soft spiky textured ball at the end. Promotes motor skills, gripping skills, and tracking. Twist & turn the Disco Baton and watch the visually appealing twirling light effects.

Bells - Bell Clip

EASILY clipped on to clothes, bags, and belts, and produces a lovely bright sound with every movement. Reward movement. Supplied in assorted colours.

Ball - Koosh

The Koosh Ball is extremely soft, rubbery and tactile, offering a superb play value as they are easy to catch and hard to put down! Bright and colourful, soft and stretchy, and irresistible to fidget.

Bubbles - Touchable

BLOW bubbles with a difference! Allow these bubbles time to set, and then you can touch, collect & stack them. Popular multi-sensory resource that is safe and non-toxic.

Spinner - Light Up, Double Baton

This popular Cosmic Double Baton offers super bright LED lights - shine it on your face, body, walls, ceilings - fantastic light effects.

Starfish Necklace - Light Up

An adorable soft, squidgy and pliable character, which lights up with bright leds,available in 3 colours: red, blue & green, and supplied on a rainbow-coloured safety neck cord.

Tambourine - Light Up

GREAT sensory resource for darkened environments. Simple on/off switch to activate multiple flash mode settings with bright LED lights. Excellent multi-sensory resource.

Windmill - Mini

PLEASING visual reward for oral exercises - brings colour, movement and interest into any sensory garden. Also great fun if you blow it yourself!

Sound Ring

LARGE plastic ring with tactile grooved texture. Contains marble which rewards great sounds which are produced by movement of marble. Move, roll, spin and swing. Supplied in assorted colours.

Windmill -  Giant

SPINS and twirls with the lightest of blows - a pleasing visual reward. These giant windmills bring fabulous colour, movement and interest into any sensory garden or environment any time of the year

Wand - Magic Glitter

FASCINATING long, tough tube filled with colourful glitter that cascades down an internal spiral when the wand is inverted.

Galaxy Lab Slime

Rainbow ooze in a test tube tub, which is super tactile to touch. Encourage tactile defensive children to reach out and touch. Safe and non-toxic

Ball - Hacky Sack, Kick

OFFERS great kick action! Never rolls away. Bright vivid coloured knitted cover filled with tiny beads and very tactile. Ideal sensory resource.