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Let us spark your imagination… our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities. Unlock their potential… draw on a combination of skills including memory, cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and all of the senses.

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Featured Products

Ball - Flashing, Geo

Bouncy ball constructed from a series of colourful shapes. Each shape is a different colour, offering a rainbow of incredibly bouncy fun.

Baton - Light Up, Disco

An opaque coloured handle with a soft spiky textured ball at the end. Promotes motor skills, gripping skills, and tracking. Twist & turn the Disco Baton and watch the visually appealing twirling light effects.

Light Up - Sound Activated LED Bracelet

SOUND reactive LED light up bracelet - talk, sing or play your favourite music and watch the super bright LED lights dance!

Ball - 18cm, Loopies

THROW and catch ball constructed from a series of six tightly interlinked shapes.

Wand - Magic Glitter

FASCINATING long, tough tube filled with colourful glitter that cascades down an internal spiral when the wand is inverted.

Ribbons - 30cm, Dance Hoops

GREAT for dancing and exercise. Use to develop gross motor skills, to encourage creative movements.

Spinner - Light Up, Double Baton

This popular Cosmic Double Baton offers super bright LED lights - shine it on your face, body, walls, ceilings - fantastic light effects.

Sensory Kit - Calming Lights

Inspiring collection of soft and soothing visual lighting effects - no fast flashing or strobing. Includes softly colour changing light effects - will promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Tambourine - Light Up

GREAT sensory resource for darkened environments. Simple on/off switch to activate multiple flash mode settings with bright LED lights. Excellent multi-sensory resource.

Ball - 9.5cm Tactile, Sports

SUPER textured, easy grip and easy catch balls. The raised textures provide sensory stimulation.

Ball - Knobbly, Tactile Sensory

SUPER textured, easy grip and easy catch balls. The soft bumps provide sensory stimulation ideal for sensory play.

Ball - Spiky, Tactile

SUPER textured, easy grip and easy catch balls. The soft bumps provide sensory stimulation ideal for sensory play.

Baton - Foam, Light Up

LONG white soft noodle foam stick with multi-coloured flashing lights. Extremely lightweight, flexible and soft. Simple on/off switch activates multi-sequenced LED lights.

Sensory Kit - Handheld Lights

Wonderful collection of unique and mesmerising visual lighting effects, including spinning, colour morphing, flashing, projecting and fibre optics. Portable and 'no sounds'.

Light Up - Flashing LED Skipping Rope

SKIPPING just got a whole lot more fun thanks to the lights inside this flashing LED skipping rope.

Bean Bag - Cotton

British made from a strong cotton twill in a range of dye fast colours with a safe non-toxic filling.

Ball - Jingling

SMOOTH surfaced ball with internal bells which can be heard when the ball is moved.

Bath Squirts - Lion Fish

FUN water antics are sure to be had with this fabulous water squirter character. Squeeze it under water to load, and then take aim and fire!