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Let us spark your imagination… our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities. Unlock their potential… draw on a combination of skills including memory, cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and all of the senses.

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Featured Products

Ball - LED, Colour Changing, Juggling

ROBUST juggling ball that magically morphs and changes colours right before your eyes - and tough enough to survive lots of drops too! Watch as the white ball slowly morphs colours.

Sensory Kit - Calming Lights

Inspiring collection of soft and soothing visual lighting effects - no fast flashing or strobing. Includes softly colour changing light effects - will promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Baton - Foam, Light Up

LONG white soft noodle foam stick with multi-coloured flashing lights. Extremely lightweight, flexible and soft. Simple on/off switch activates multi-sequenced LED lights.

Ball - Koosh

The Koosh Ball is extremely soft, rubbery and tactile, offering a superb play value as they are easy to catch and hard to put down! Bright and colourful, soft and stretchy, and irresistible to fidget.

Ball - 18cm, Loopies

THROW and catch ball constructed from a series of six tightly interlinked shapes.

Ribbons - 30cm, Dance Hoops

GREAT for dancing and exercise. Use to develop gross motor skills, to encourage creative movements.

Ball - Flashing, Geo

Bouncy ball constructed from a series of colourful shapes. Each shape is a different colour, offering a rainbow of incredibly bouncy fun.

Cushion - Moonlight, Light Up

PLUSH man-made fluffy cushion with colour changing light effects. Internal light source illuminates the whole cushion with a gently soothing morphing light.

Light Up - Flashing LED Skipping Rope

SKIPPING just got a whole lot more fun thanks to the lights inside this flashing LED skipping rope.

Ball - 9.5cm Tactile, Sports

SUPER textured, easy grip and easy catch balls. The raised textures provide sensory stimulation.

Ball - Knobbly, Tactile Sensory

SUPER textured, easy grip and easy catch balls. The soft bumps provide sensory stimulation ideal for sensory play.

Ball - Spiky, Tactile

SUPER textured, easy grip and easy catch balls. The soft bumps provide sensory stimulation ideal for sensory play.

Aroma - Playdough

SMELLS wonderful and helps children and adults focus, relax and be calm whilst being creative, enjoying playing and learning.

Spinner - Light Up, Cosmic

Light Up Spinner with LED lights that create an amazing patterned light show, with multi function patterns, and multi coloured lights which provide a great light show over a good area.

Wand - Magic Glitter

FASCINATING long, tough tube filled with colourful glitter that cascades down an internal spiral when the wand is inverted.

Spiky Wristband

HIGHLY pliable. Stretches many times its own size. Fabulously tactile to use to introduce new texture to tactile defensive children.

Bean Bag - Cotton

British made from a strong cotton twill in a range of dye fast colours with a safe non-toxic filling.

Ball - Puffy, Pink

SOFT lightweight balls that are inflated by a straw and are easy to throw and catch.