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LET US SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION THIS CHRISTMAS... our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities and experiences...

Last posting day: Friday 19th December

Sensory Toy Warehouse

We will then be closed until Monday 5th January 2015. You are very welcome to place orders which we will dispatch upon our return. Wishing all our customers old and new a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Liz and the team here at Sensory Toy Warehouse.

Featured Products

Light - Starlight Dome Projector

ACTIVATE this Starlight Projector to shine a starry night sky on any ceiling creating a soothing night sky

Balls - Light Up Glitter Disco

GLITTER disco balls with opaque cut out circles in which to observe the glitter swirling around inside - and what's more they light up too! Super bouncy balls to observe and enjoy.

Light - Crystal Lamp, Kaleidoscope

ROTATING desktop light that projects a kaleidoscope of patterns on nearby surfaces. Lightweight and totally portable - as they have no wires.

Clockwork - Drumming Pets

FLUFFY clockwork action drumming pets all dressed up and ready to be wound up so they can 'bang bang bang' away on their little drums making a loud sound "rat a tat tat"

Ball - Giggling, Shaking, Yozo

FLUFFY large crazy eyed monstrous character which bursts into giggles and shakes when dropped, bopped, patted or on impact when thrown

Clockwork - Penguin, Christmas. Fluffy

CHRISTMAS Clockwork Penguin with fluffy texture and santa hat - watch as they bounce around all hippity-hop!

Light - Laser Sphere, Mood Light, Projector

LED Laser Sphere creates 2 fantastic visual effects - relaxing colour changing mood light which makes a great night light, and a dazzling light effect projector which can be shone up a white wall towards...

Light - Colour Changing, Teddy Bear

SUPER soft glowing cuddly teddy bear which doubles as a night light with colour changing LED lights with the press of a paw

Christmas Flashing Xmas Groan Tube

FLASHING groaning and moaning Christmas noise-making stick - everyone will love twisting and twirling this around just for the noise - but the light effect looks great too!

Pop Tongue Critters

CHEEKY little characters whose tongue sticks out with a loud satisfying 'POP' sound when you squeeze! Pops back in when released.

Magic Spin Stick

MAGIC Spin Stick which sparkles and shimmers as it changes shape when you spin and twiddle with it - visually mesmerising and quite stunning

Biting Dinosaur

DARE to push down the teeth of this biting dinosaur... but take care as he may just BITE! Pocket sized jaw snapping game on a key-ring.


BRIGHT colourful, lightweight, tuneful and satisfyingly noisy! Set of 8 virtually indestructible plastic tuned percussion tubes - strike against each other, your hand, shoe, a table... endless possibilities!

Sensory Kit - Light Up, Den

Inspiring collection of soft and soothing visual lighting effects - no fast flashing or strobing. Includes softly colour changing light effects - will promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Silishapes - Silicon Shapes, Letters & Numbers

SOFT, pliable and strong silicon shapes, numbers and letters in transparent colours for everyday play, and excellent in water, sand, and also for use on our Light Boxes.