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A fabulous range of impossible to put down and extremely tactile toys and products, to squeeze, stretch and explore. Our tactile range allow you to indulge your senses in an amazing array of textures, densities, shapes, sizes, weights, sounds and colours that you can bounce, roll, throw, catch, squeeze, stretch, yo-yo and shake. An incredible range, all impossible to put down and extremely tactile to help explore the senses, and promote a natural desire to reach out, touch, explore and experience the different contrasts, textures, shapes and bright colours. Ideal for use in Play Therapy, Embodiment Play and in Sensory Rooms, promoting a natural desire to reach out, touch, explore and experience all the different contrasts and textures.

BENEFITS: To develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, size discrimination, colour awareness, tactile awareness, visual perception, concentration, visual tracking, focus, crossing the midline, to encourage success, to de-stress, as fidgets, and to open discussion.

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Aroma - Air Humidifiers & Purifiers

CREATE a pure, safe and clean environment, with pleasant aromatic scents - and some feature softly changing lights for ambience too! Not a toy. Sold EACH

Aroma - Playdough

SMELLS wonderful and helps children and adults focus, relax and be calm whilst being creative, enjoying playing and learning.

Aroma - Squeeze Me Dough Stress Ball

STRESS relieving or energising aids, with two especially designed doughs, each infused with the perfect blend of essential oils. Suppled in a tin. Available in 2 different scents: Lavender & Orange.

Balancing - Tactile Training Pod Ball

TACTILE balance ball to exercise and train balance and movement - tilt and move using feet, legs and even hands

Balancing - Textured Balancing Disc

TEXTURED device for strength and stability exercises and can also develop balancing skills.

Ball - Activity Sound

FANTASTIC activity ball made from clear plastic which allows the colourful internal balls to be seen as they move around inside making sound.

Ball - Air Power Soccer, Light Up

HOVERS on a cushion of air with colourful LED lights that never burn out - enjoy football action indoors or outdoors, day or night

Ball - Anti-Stress, Foam, Earth Globe

ANTI-STRESS lightweight foam ball printed with a world globe map - soft and wonderfully squishy stress ball - returns to its original shape every time - great for hand and grip exercises

Ball - Anti-Stress, Stretchy, Smiley Face

ANTI-STRESS highly pliable and stretchy lightweight ball with soft rubbery outer membrane filled with a soft stretchy white foam putty to squeeze, stretch and manipulate.

Ball - Balloon

COLOURFUL and suitable for all ages with removable washable cotton cover

Ball - Brown Bouncing Egg

SUPER bouncy brown egg shaped ball. Smooth, solid, rubbery and highly realistic looking... all adding to the amusement.

Ball - Butterfly Iridescent Ribbon, Light Up, 65mm

CLEAR bouncy ball filled with a beautiful coloured butterfly and an array of iridescent coloured ribbons suspended in clear liquid - when bounced the internal light creates an enchanting display of lustrous, shimmering colours.

Ball - Colour Storm

BOUNCY large ball filled with array of multi-coloured beads suspended in clear liquid which eddy and swirl within the moving liquid to create enchanting torrents of colour.

Ball - Engraved, Tactile

TEXTURED engraved, easy grip and easy catch balls - the raised textures provide sensory stimulation.

Ball - Flashing, Geo

Bouncy ball constructed from a series of colourful shapes. Each shape is a different colour, offering a rainbow of incredibly bouncy fun.