Light Up Den Sensory Kit 2

  • Sensory Kit - Light Up Den 2
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Our exclusive Sensory Lighting Den Kit is an inspiring collection of visual lighting effects ideal for sensory dens, and anywhere a soft and calming lighting effect is preferred. (No fast strobing lights!) Ideal sensory lighting for children with special needs including autism - please seek professional advice for those with epilepsy, and age appropriate for adults living with Dementia.

This gorgeous Lighting Kit will mesmerise everyone with there range of soothing and changing light effects, including a range of softly colour changing light effects, that will promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere in any room. Just as effective with background lighting, this Sensory Lighting is completely portable, ideal to create a sensory den or atmosphere anywhere. Items do not have to be held to be enjoyed, but are safe to freely handle and move.

Typical contents include:

  • Blue Deco Fibre Optic Lamp
  • Kaleidoscope Crystal Lamp
  • Colour Changing Mood Block
  • String of Lights Garland
  • Starlight Dome Projector

On occasion, contents, colours and design can vary according to stock availability - substitutes will be to the same value or greater.

CAUTION: Please note some items are not supplied with batteries. Supervision is recommended at all times

Most items are available in stock to purchase separately.

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