Large Sensory Rainbow Slinky

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Our Rainbow Spring is a very popular tactile classic game. Multi-coloured loosely coiled plastic spring known as a slinky. The colours shine wildly under UV black light. 

Very satisfying to pour from hand to hand, bounce like a yo-yo or even walk down steps! 

Excellent for fidgets and in a Treasure Basket. Retains its shape despite all the manipulation! 

Timeless bestseller - kids just never grow tired of this one! Also available in stock our Metal Springs

Extra-large version of our ever-popular spring toy. With a diameter of 15cm and a coiled height of 15.5cm, this rainbow coloured springy behaves like any other, just on a much larger scale. It walks down stairs, jumps off desks and provides hours of addictive fun at your fingertips. This up-scaled version of a retro classic is sure to turn heads and attract a lot of attention on the shop floor, especially when used as a demo line.

  • Large springy toy
  • Re-imagined retro classic
  • Walks down stairs
  • Rainbow coloured

Measures approx: 15cm diam

Age: 3 Years+

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