Spiky Light Up Ball 6.5cm

  • Spiky Light Up Ball 6.5cm
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Our smaller 6.5cm Spiky-textured Light Up Ball is a wonderful tactile ball with a soft spiky-textured surface to touch and experience. These Spiky sensory balls are hard wearing plastic, yet pliable and soft to touch. Simply bounce the ball on a firm surface to activate the internal flashing lights. The light stops automatically. Tactile, and easy to throw, catch and hold. Use our Spiky Sensory Ball for flexible massage & stimulation, hand & finger exercise, and throwing & catching skills. Excellent sensory resource for children and adults with special needs, autism and sensory impairments. Great therapy exerciser and aid. Supplied in assorted translucent colours. Also a superb resource in any sensory room or den. One ball supplied. Age 3 Years+

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