Wooden Sensory Therapy Rocking horse

  • Wooden Sensory Therapy Rocking horse
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The rocking horse can be used by two children simultaneously. During the exercise, thanks to its unique design, the children can independently propel its movement. When used by two children at once, getting the horse to rock is more challenging, as it requires them to co-ordinate their movement.

It is used for developing bilateral motor co-ordination, balance reflexes, visuomotor co-ordination, tonic (especially labyrinthine) reflex integration, improving postural (flexor and extensor) muscle tone and general stimulation of the nervous system through strong activation of the vestibular and proprioceptive system receptors.

A fun way of doing Sensory Exercises and an essential part of any Sensory Diet prescribed by an Occupational Therapist.


Size: TBC

Product Purpose: Sensory Integration Therapy

Age: TBC

Material: TBC

Weight: 10 kg.

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