Sensory Integration Therapy

We are proud to present a full range of UK Sensory Integration Therapy tools and equipment. This method of autism therapy can help children and adults suffering from sensory processing issues (also known as “sensory integration disorder”) by stimulating their senses in a structured, repetitive way.
The theory created by Jean Ayres in the late 1960’s concluded that the brain adapts and process sensory messages received, and that this will allow children to react to sensations more efficiently.

Ideally an Occupational Therapist should advise on different physical exercises that can stimulate the various areas of the Sensory System.

These areas include: 

  • Proprioception - The Sensory Receptors in muscles & joints relating to sensations of feel & touch.
  • Vestibular - Related to sense of balance and special orientation.
  • Interoception - Brain processing as body sends messages of hunger, thirst, satiation etc.

Our Sensory Integration Range includes a wide range of quality products aimed at therapists and laymen alike, that help to stimulate the above areas. Their simple and clever design makes them easy and efficient to use, and are sure to be an essential part of any Sensory Diet.

Therapeutic Sensory Hammock with Plastic Balls
Therapeutic Sensory Hammock with Plastic Balls
The calming effect of this dark safe space strengthens the sensory benefits of balance and vestibular stimulation.
Wooden Sensory Therapy Rocking horse
Wooden Sensory Therapy Rocking horse
The rocking horse can be used by two children simultaneously. During the exercise, thanks to its unique design, the children can independently propel its movement
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