Fibre Optic Wand - LED Sensory Toy

  • Fibre Optic Wand - LED Sensory Toy
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These Fibre Optic Wands are superb light up & multi-coloured wands with coloured handles (red or blue) with simple press button to operate.  Each has 3 different light modes so you can set the colour to your hearts content. Spectacular optical colour and light effects. The Fibre Optics are soft and safe to touch. Also safe to swish around, to add sound and motion to the experience. Watch the moving twinkling lights on this fantastic multi-sensory resource. Uses 3 'AG13' replaceable button batteries (batteries are included). Fabulous visual and sensory input in any darkened environment. Available in red or blue handles - please comment your preference of colour at checkout.

Caution: Avoid robust actions or fibres may become loose. Age: 8 Years+

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