Interactive Toy Jack in the Box - Monkey

  • Interactive Toy Jack in the Box - Monkey
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This high-quality Monkey Jack in the Box for sensory and special needs education features a brightly painted nostalgic metal box with a surprise hidden inside! Slowly turn the crank handle as the music box plays the familiar tune 'Pop Goes

The Weasel'. As the end of the song is reached an appealing plush monkey character springs energetically through the lid of the box to say hello. POP!... Surprise! Surprise! 

Push him back in the box, shut the lid, and start all over again! 

Exercises motor skills, tracking, reactions and is a charming example of 'cause & effect'. 

No batteries are required. 

Timeless fun for young children who will enjoy this over and over again, and for the elderly living with Dementia who will reminisce of fond childhood memories. 

We have a lovely range of different characters for you to choose from.

Age: 18 Months+

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