Whilst memory is not essential to enjoyment, our wonderful range of reminiscence toys and products will help tap into the long-term memories of adults, the elderly, people living with all stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or following a stroke or brain injury, to open up a window of meaningful conversation, communication and connection, and stimulate all 5 senses. Our reminiscence collection includes an entertaining selection of nostalgic, retro, classic, and pastime toys, activities and products. Our Rummage Boxes can help trigger memories and enhance past skills, hobbies or occupations for people living with dementia. Excellent for engaging in day-to-day meaningful activities that are sociable and can help to reduce agitation, and ideal for Activity Co-ordinators. Use independently, one-to-one, in a group, or children joining in with adults is especially enjoyable.

BENEFITS: To help to trigger treasured fond memories of childhood, to open up a window of meaningful conversation, communication and connection, to entertain and amuse, relax and promote a sense of well-being, reduce agitation, anxiety and apathy, and enhance social skills, cognitive stimulation, tactile awareness, hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills, encourage participation, create a sense of achievement and success, to de-stress, relax, and prevent boredom.

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Kit - Large Sensory Reminiscence Activities
Kit - Large Sensory Reminiscence Activities
FANTASTIC collection of nostalgic activities and reminiscence games from the past, helping you indulge the senses.
was: £57.99
Rummage Basket - Spring Cleaning
Rummage Basket - Spring Cleaning
Traditional cleaning basket with cleaning tools, many useful accessories - for daily activity - and wonderful to rummage through whether you're cleaning or not!
was: £31.99
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