Our exclusive range of Collections and Kits are age appropriate for adults and the elderly and great value for money.  Crammed full of appropriate sensory delights, whether seeking sensory products for a specific condition, purpose, diet or individual - each item has been specially selected for its sensory qualities and benefits. We’ve done all the hard work for you!  Try to develop a balance of the level of stimulation at which they function best, and empower them to remain as independent as possible without it becoming too difficult, but a little challenge is good. Much patience is needed, and we all get bored, so keep things fresh by trying different activities, and using different themes and products. Never force anyone to do an activity, slowly work toward tolerance of it. Our Sensory Boxes, Sensory Bags and Sensory Bins make perfect starter kits, and are ideal for mobile therapists, educators and activity co-ordinators working in multi-functional locations.

TIP - Fidget Boxes: Make your own exclusive Fidget Box or Fidget bag appropriate to your specific needs with our great value toys and resources, storing them in one of our Lidded Boxes or Cotton Drawstring Bags.

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