Sensory Tactile Anti-Stress Ball Fidget Kit

  • Sensory Tactile Anti-Stress Ball Fidget Kit
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3 Piece set of Anti Stress Balls: 1 x Grape Mesh Ball 1 x Coloured Puzzle Ball, 1 x Stress Ball.


The Grape Mesh Ball:

Feel the need to VENT OUT? Feeling stressed and in need to take it out on something? Squeeze the living daylight out of our new Grape Mesh Ball! The ball is covered in tactile rubber bubbles and is an excellent stress reliever. It gets its name from the way it looks when you squeeze it – like a grape cluster! Simply squeeze it and watch as the squidgy bubbles pop out of the net and change colour! Besides for its calming effects, it is also good for enhancing your blood circulation. It can also be a great source of entertainment for children with special needs and autism.



• Calming stress reliever

• Colourful squidgy bubbles

• Looks like Grape Cluster when squeezed

• Great source of entertainment for children with special needs and autism.


Size: Approx 10 x 10 cm.

Usage: Stress relief


The Coloured Puzzle Ball:

12 round coloured holes, with 11 colour matching balls, match-up the puzzle balls by colour to the outside holes. Can be held by one hand and is convenient to carry.

Size: Ball diameter: 8 cm

Weight: 130 g.


Anti-Stress Ball:


This colourful stress ball is wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration. It can be squeezed over and over again, and is meant to calm down the nerves of both adults and children. It regains its original shape after it has squeezed.

Size: Diameter: 7 cm

Usage: Sensory/Stress relief

Weight: 75 g.

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