Light Up Baton - Foam Sensory Toy

  • LED Sensory Foam Batons Singles
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Our Flashing Foam Baton is extremely popular and will be a great success with all ages. It consists of a long white soft noodle with multi-coloured flashing lights inside. A simple On/Off switch at the base activates the multi-sequenced lights. A vibrant lightshow will be emitted from the baton.

Extremely lightweight, flexible and soft. The soft foam prevents anyone being hurt if hit with this - much to your approval! It is very flexible and can be bent, however it is not designed to withstand robust play. A really fun, safe and appealing multi-sensory resource for children and adults alike to experience. Especially appealing to individuals with special needs, including Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and sensory difficulties.

Requires 3 button batteries, which are replaceable (batteries are included). One supplied. Age 3 Years+

Reality Check: Not designed to withstand rough robust play and will last longer in a supervised sensory environment.

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