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Equilibrium Bridge

This wooden bridge can be used as a bridge or turned over and used as a balance board.

Explorer Playsets

SHAPES can be joined in any combination to make trails or circuits.

Extendable Ballpool

EXTENDABLE ball pool that can also be used as a den.

Extra Long Bean Bag

EASY catch & extra long to enhance gross motor skills with a successful 2-handed confidence building catch every time

Feet Floor Marker Packs

These hardwearing vinyl markers encourage eye coordination and balance, ideal for movement and motor skills. Supplied in packs of 10 or 20, same quantity of each colour

Flashing Air Football

HOVERS on a cushion of air with colourful LED lights that never burn out - enjoy football action indoors or outdoors, day or night

Floor Marker Packs

Brushed fabric on EVA, Place on floor for various uses as a marker, target or stepping stone. Each pack is supplied as a set of 6, colours may vary.

Games Pack (Set of 46)

Rounders, cricket, tennis, football... This is a comprehensive games pack that covers all of the major sports and team based games.

GetSetGo Agility Packs

Each of these wonderful collections contains an incredible amount of items and equipment that are meant to develop ones mobility & gross motor movements.

GetSetGo Ball Packs

Four incredible sets of balls that will add a splash of variety to PE or SEN assisted physical exercise lessons. Available in Mini, Little, Big, or Super ball pack sizes. Excellent for group or individual...

GetSetGo with Athletics Pack (Set of 53)

Fun-filled athletics pack that features junior alternatives to most of the popular athletic events! Encourage exercise while developing gross motor skills. Inspire the next generation of athletes!

GetSetGo with Bat and Ball Pack A (Set of 40)

A complete set of tennis rackets, playbats and foam sponge balls that is safe, and encourages exercise and gross motor movements.

GetSetGo with Indoor Activity Pack C (Set of 20)

Fun-filled indoor activity set that provides children great fun while developing gross motor skills and encouraging exercise.

GetSetGo with Jumping Pack (Set of 36)

Awesome set of jumping and hopping items that will be sure to get everyone to get, set and go!

GetSetGo with Movement Pack A (Set of 52)

Fun filled pack of brightly coloured & movement inspiring items that are sure to grab attention!

GetSetGo with Multi Activity Packs

Huge collections of sports equipment, in sets of 128 or 168. Each set provides a comprehensive collection of sports equipment that is fantastic for either an individual or as part of group activities.

GetSetGo with Playtime Packs

Excellent variety of packs that are suitable in PE lessons or at playtime. Group play encourages socialisation while the exercise will develop motor skills.

GetSetGo with Porthole Parachute Play Pack (Set of 9)

This fantastic piece of Physical Education kit allows children to develop team building, coordination and colour recognition.

GetSetGo with Rhythm Pack (Set of 24)

Great set of exercise equipment that promote exercise through dance, movement and rhythm - all the while providing great bright colours that will be sure to grab attention.

GetSetGo with Sensory Packs

These packs come in a variety of quantities and provide great relief for those with tactile, visual, and/or auditory sensory needs. During group play, exercise and socialisation can be encouraged.

GetSetGo with Skipping Pack (Set of 23)

Spectacular skipping collection that will be sure to get everyone jumping for joy!