Sensory Room Packages

COMING SOON...  Our Sensory Room Packages bring together all our top selling collections of multi-sensory equipment.  These packages are ideal if you’re starting a sensory room from scratch, simply don’t know where to start, or have something specific in mind.  We’ve done all the hard work for you!  All of the sensory equipment shown here is also available to purchase individually.  Sensory Rooms are suitable for all abilities and ages, and help to create an engaging, stimulating, and inclusive learning environment, encouraging communication, connection and interaction to unlock each individual’s potential as they explore, discover and enjoy.  The majority of our multi-sensory equipment is completely portable and ready to ‘plug in’ and enjoy anywhere, allowing you to create a whole new breathtaking environment, in any room, corner, to share from room to room, and to easily store away when not in use, whatever your budget.   Our interactive equipment provides switches which allow individuals to interact with it, with captivating visual and tactile rewards, designed to allow you to easily change the mood of your sensory room from stimulating and engaging - to a relaxing and calming environment, to prevent sensory overload.  A sensory room allows anyone to escape from the pressures and noises in the ‘real world’.
Multi-Sensory rooms aren’t just about visual stimulation, so also consider adding other sensory products to stimulate other senses – including musical instruments, tactile and textured toys to touch and fidget with, black light responsive items (if UV lighting is available), fans, vibrating and therapeutic products, aromatherapy to introduce different fragrances and moods, cushions and beanbags to cuddle and sit on, and a range of balls.
Consider different themes to provide a development experience and bring sessions to life. Our projectors have a wide range of different themed wheels to choose from, and project amazing visual effects onto walls and ceilings.
Always monitor the environment, avoiding too much stimulation or over-tiredness, and learn to develop a balance to keep the level of stimulation at which the individual functions best, and be ready to move from stimulation to calming.
BENEFITS: Promote concentration, focus, tracking, participation, interaction, communication, connection, visual and tactile stimulation, auditory awareness, improve mood, and calm and relax
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Product sorting:

Large Dark Den

VERSATILE large walk in sensory dark den to explore the possibilities of a sensory environment, large enough for a small group

Standard Dark Den

CRAWL into the dark den and explore the possibilities of a sensory environment, simple to construct and store