Charley The Chameleon

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Charley the Chameleon is a cuddly plush friend that helps children transition from playtime to sleep time. Children’s imaginations light up as Charley the Chameleon illuminates in a rainbow of colors. This cuddly companion also makes soothing sounds with 2 calming melodies; Rain Forrest orTropical Tunes; which are sure to be the perfect send-off to the land of sweet dreams.Features 3 different light & sound functions: 1.Rain Forrest + transitional lights (colours transition
gradually to the next), 2.Tropical Tunes+ strobing lights (colors jump to the next), 3.Lights only (transitional). This portable multi-sensory cuddly and nightlight can help to soothe and ease fear of the dark.
A handy compact and portable sensory lighting solution, and a cuddly friend at any time. Charley the Chameleon is from the fantastic range of quality sensory nightlights by cloud b - "where good sleep begins".

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