Bendy Sensory Kit - 8 Pieces

  • Bendy Sensory Kit - 8 Pieces
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Our Bendy Sensory Kit offers a fabulous range of bendable characters made of durable plastic and super bendy limbs making these ideal fiddle and fidget toys to busy and occupy fingers. They have a metal skeleton that enables them to stay in any shape you bend them into.

These are an ideal fiddle and fidget toy, to busy and occupy the fingers in the classroom or at home, leaving the mind free to focus. Handy size for a pocket, and to carry when out and about. The characters are useful to open discussions, and discuss emotions. Supplied in a clear lidded box ready to take anywhere with you - car journeys, visiting friends, outings, shopping.

Excellent for therapists on the move for use as distractions and to open discussion.

This Sensory Kit includes: 

2 x Mini Smiley Man, 

2 x Bendy Zombies, 

2 x Woodie the Worm, 

1 x Metal Tangle, 

1 x Original Tangle.

On occasion, contents, colours and design can vary according to stock availability - substitutes will be to the same value or greater.

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