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Our Oral Motor range are fun and useful sensory tools for exercising respiration and muscles through sounds and games. Blowing helps to build muscle tone in the cheeks and lips, as well as work on breath control. Our Oral Motor products make these exercises fun, engaging reluctant or shy children, and will help to strengthen those much-needed muscles. Blowing bubbles is a great oral exercise for breath control, helping shape the mouth, as well as pursing the lips. Musical Instruments are another great oral motor exercise for breath control and lip pursing - and they get to make some noise! (however, forcefulness must be discouraged). Also try Harmonica, Flute, Kazoo, & Whistle, and Kazoos also encourage vocal control. Blowing and sucking through straws involves lip closure and tones muscles. Use mirrors for mouth awareness. Also try Windmill, Party Horn, Balloon, Feathers and Scarves. Moving the mouth and tongue in different ways is very effective for strengthening facial muscles and aiding speech development. Oral motor exercises and therapy is used to help children with low muscle tone, as the more pronounced the muscles of the mouth and tongue are, the easier it is for children to move their tongue and lips to string sounds together to form words. These activities can increase control of the muscles of the mouth and face for eating, drinking, saliva control and speaking.

BENEFITS: Build muscle tone, breath control, shape the mouth, lip pursing, mouth awareness and speech development.

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Colourful Garden Windmills (Pack of 24) For Outdoor Play and Decoration
Colourful Garden Windmills (Pack of 24) For Outdoor Play and Decoration
PLEASING visual reward for oral exercises - brings colour, movement and interest into any sensory garden.
Scentos - Scented 8oz Bubble Tub
Scentos - Scented 8oz Bubble Tub
LARGE 8oz tub of fruit scented bubble solution provides lots of scented bubbles - smells wonderful & great fun to encourage tracking skills. Chase the bubbles, catch ...
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