Cosmic UFO

  • Cosmic UFO
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This Cosmic UFO helps kids transition from playtime to sleep time. When it’s time to play, the UFO has 3 fun light sequences and a motion sensor that triggers 'flying' sounds. Then when it’s time to sleep, they can relax with one of two soothing sounds; Symphony 51 &Warp Drive; while the UFO projects a multicolored 'Northern Lights' effect to help comfort children to sleep. This portable multi-sensory flying saucer nightlight can help to soothe and ease fear of the dark. A handy compact and portable sensory lighting solution, no matter where bedtime lands, and great decor for any room. Cosmic UFO is from the fantastic range of 'quality nightlights by cloud b - "where good sleep begins". This Cosmic UFO is simply out of this world! Age 0+

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