Tomy - Fix & Load Tow Truck

  • Tomy - Fix & Load Tow Truck
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  • Fix and Load Tow Truck from TOMY is coming to the rescue with 3-in-1 fun!
  • Push the truck for free-wheeling fun.
  • Use the mechanic to wind up the car, push the red button and watch it go.
  • Place the car on the truck, wind up and see the pair magically move as one.Includes drop-down ramp and driver.

Fix and Load Tow Truck from TOMY is a 3in1 car that's coming to the rescue and is ready to save the day!

This colourful duo is a 3-in-1 toy: give the truck a push and it glides along. Use the driver to wind up the car, press down on the red button and it will move forward all by itself. Using the flip-down ramp, load the car into position, wind up and push the button, and watch the car and truck move magically along.

With no assembly or batteries to worry about, it's ready to hit the road when you are!

Specially designed for little hands, Fix and Load Tow Truck will provide miles of smiles and help your child develop logical thinking, focus attention and inspire hours of role play adventure.

Suitable for drivers aged 12 months and over.

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