Lawn - Green

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  • The Lawn Countertop Drying Rack gives all your just-washed baby accessories plenty of space to dry off.
  • Clever green “grass” holds everything in place and stops things tumbling about. Water collects in the tray.
  • Flexible blades will hold spoons, bottles, drinking cups, dummies and more.
  • Great for drying, great for storing, great to look at!Other sizes available: “Grass” and slimline “Patch”. Can be combined with different drying accessories such as “Fly” and “Twig”.

Lots of Grass = Lawn. Basically, we took everything you love about Grass and made it bigger. The flexible grass blades hold all your just-washed baby accessories. (And whatever else you want.) Plus it’s like having a fairway next to your kitchen sink. Minus any gophers. Or golfers. Bonus: No mowing required. Lawn and tray are both dishwasher safe.

BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

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