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Experience a visual sensory journey with our exciting and inspiring range of appealing, eye-catching, and attention grabbing visual toys and resources. We have everything you need to enhance your experience of vision and visual effects, light and colour, and the world around us with lots of different effects, including Lighting, Glow In The Dark, UV, Mirrors and Visual Effects. Let us take you on a wonderful sensory visual journey as you experience different perspectives, colours, sizes, images, and reflections. Excellent sensory resources to promote communication and social skills. Each of our vision toys and products offer different unique visual effects and are ideal for use in sensory rooms and sensory dens, for children with special needs, autism, sensory impairments and visual challenges. Our visual sensory products encourage visual skills of users at many levels of understanding and learning.

BENEFITS: To encourage visual processing and discrimination, visual perception, visual input, focus, concentration, eye exercises, tracking, colour recognition and awareness, increasing hand-eye co-ordination, spatial vision, encourage success, calm and distract negative behaviour, open discussion and encourage participation and social skills, and provide visual challenges.

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Sensory Spinning Ball Wand (Hand Held)
Sensory Spinning Ball Wand (Hand Held)
£5.99 Excl. VAT
£7.19 Incl. VAT
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