We have an exciting and inspiring range of sensory toys, resources and equipment, providing opportunities for actively engaging adults, the elderly, people living with all stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or following a stroke or brain injury, in meaningful and enjoyable person-centred activities.

Colourful, interesting and fun, our sensory products draw on the long term memory, triggering treasured memories, and a combination of skills including cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensory skills. With an extensive choice of age-appropriate and stage-appropriate resources including reminiscence, nostalgic and classic past-time toys, games and activities, these purposeful, and very often entertaining and amusing, activities help to promote a sense of well-being, achievement, success and independence at all levels. Sensory activities open a window of opportunity for communication and connection, promoting participation and social skills, improving mood, and reducing agitation, anxiety, boredom and apathy. Ideal for the challenges faced by Activity Co-ordinators and Occupational Therapists, and meeting the needs of families, professionals, care facilities and communities, our sensory delights stimulate all of the senses, and essentially lead to a more fulfilled, worthwhile and happier quality of life.

BENEFITS: To help promote a sense of well-being, achievement, success and independence, to promote social skills and open up a window of communication and connection, enhance social skills, encourage participation, reduce agitation, anxiety and apathy, trigger treasured memories, entertain and amuse, and stimulate all 5 senses.

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