Full range of the best sensory toys for babies and infants with autism or sensory issue.

We have included or best baby sensory toys to help them grow and learn through all the early stages of children’s development.

Sensory Baby Toys

Threading Fruit & Veg 24 Pcs

£21.60 (incl. VAT)

Sensory Baby Toys

Bead Stacker and Sorter

£41.47 (incl. VAT)

Sensory Baby Toys

Wooden Sorting Box

£32.03 (incl. VAT)

Autism Toys

Camo Tread Bangle

£10.37 (incl. VAT)
£1.62 (incl. VAT)
£2.70 (incl. VAT)

The best way for Babies to learn about their surroundings is by using their five senses. Learning in these early years lays an important foundation for growth and development.

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