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Indulge their senses with our inspiring array of musical instruments and sound makers that they can shake, rattle, beat, bang, toot, ring, blow… and so much more!

BENEFITS: Encourage participation, communication and connection, listening skills, speech development, imitation, audio skills, visual skills, tactile skills,self-expression, creative thinking, imagination, breathing skills, turn taking, cause and effect, reactions, to exercise the hands and fingers,and associate movement with sound.

ALSO SEE CATEGORIES: Collections & Kits • Oral Motor Grab their attention with our fantastic selection of noise makers, excellent for actively engaging those living with Dementia/Alzheimer's, sensory impairments and hearing challenges. Encourage them to have fun discovering and experimenting with noises, volume, pitch, rhythm, tone, sequence and sounds,using a range of easy to follow repetitive movements.Enjoy the experience of the pleasing sensation of soft soothing vibrations, and strong visual and sound rewards. Indulge their senses with our inspiring array of sound makers.

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