Among our most popular educational products, are these splendid Sand Timers. They were designed and created with special needs and autistic children in mind, but will work just as well in regular classroom. Their aim is to teach children the concept of time and broaden their understanding of time, space and math.

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They all come in different sizes, colours and most importantly time intervals. They are especially powerful when put next to one another for comparison. Children will comprehend that one timer is different from another because the difference in time interval, and through this come to a deeper understand of the concept of time. Asides from that, simply watching the sand running through the timer is a mesmerizing visual effect that will definitely please children with either autism, ADHD, or other similar conditions.

Treat your own children or your classroom to at true educational a visual treat. Unlock their minds and open up for a whole new dimension of education and skill improvement with our Educational Sand Timers!