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Sensory Activity Boards

Providing children with sensory experiences during their
early years is crucial for their brain development. Through sensory play and
tactile stimulation, the neural connections in the child’s brain are strengthened
which is necessary to further the child’s development. Exploration through the
sense of touching can help children gain an understanding of the world around
them and also general spatial awareness.

This is where Sensory Activity Boards, or as some call them,
Busy Boards come in. Basically, a Sensory Board is a board to which you attach
tactile and visually stimulating objects for the child to see and play with. The
benefits for children suffering from sensory disorders or issues, ADHD, autism
or any other special needs, are numerous. For one, they can stimulate children’s
fine motor skills and coordination as they explore the board. It also helps
children develop a sense of themselves and which textures and materials they
have preferences for which ones they dislike. Sensory Boards can even help
children develop their speech skills and vocabulary, as you can describe the
different materials they touch as “soft”, “hard”, “squidgy” etc.

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