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Chewing, Speech & Oral

Chewing, oral motor (breath control  & bubbles), speech & language a useful range of oral, gustatory, and respiratory resources involving the mouth, to promote speech, language and communication skills. Includes oral motor resources to promote blowing, chewing, biting and sucking skills.

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These communication aids are especially beneficial for children living with special needs, including autism, verbal apraxia, cerebral palsy and sensory impairments. All of these fun activities can in crease awareness, making learning new facial expressions and mouth movement fun, and increase control of the muscles of the mouth and face for eating, drinking, saliva control and speaking. We carry a wide variety of the popular Chewigem Chewing Toys including Chubes, Bangles, Dogtags, Necklaces  and Hexichews. We're constantly aiming to widening this range, so check back ever so often to see our new available products. BENEFITS: Promote speech, language and communication skills, enhance eating, drinking, and saliva control, comfort, self-regulate and integrate oral sensory input, and gustatory and respiratory exercise, skills and awareness.


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