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Our captivating range of Interactive Equipment includes Interactive flooring and Interactive multi-touch LCD screens. A ’must have’
for any Sensory Room, White Room or Black Room. Our cutting edge interactive and touchscreen systems, including
interactive floors, are ideal for any special needs environment and are
particularly sought after within the educational special needs sector to
stimulate children’s responses, cognitive understanding and recognition
abilities. Suitable for
all abilities and ages, creating an engaging, stimulating, and
inclusive learning environment, encouraging communication, connection
and interaction to unlock the individual’s potential as they explore,
discover and enjoy.VAT EXEMPTION: Zero VAT is available on the majority of our equipment – please contact us for information and a VAT exemption form to complete. BENEFITS: Promote
concentration, focus, tracking, participation, interaction,
communication, connection, visual and tactile stimulation, improve mood,
and calm and relax.

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