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Our collection of Projectors offer a whole array of
fabulous sensory lighting effects for any room or setting, often
creating a link to a whole new world for many children and adults.

Projectors are appealing to all ages, and can create both a stimulating and calming atmosphere.

£28.36 (incl. VAT)

Projectors have always been an essential part of any
sensory room, but our inspiring choice will satisfy every need, room
size, and budget, no matter what room or setting you have in mind, and
they can even be used in rooms with some background lighting. All of our
multi-sensory Projectors are easy to use, completely portable, and are
ready to simply ‘plug in’ and enjoy anywhere, allowing you to
create a whole new breathtaking visual environment, in any room, corner,
to share from room to room, and to easily store away when not in use.
Projectors provide captivating visual rewards, allowing
you to create different scenes, themes and effects to provide a
development experience and bring sessions to life, to create a point of
focus and interest, and to introduce colours, movement and stunning
visual effects. They are designed to allow you to easily change the mood
from stimulating and engaging – to a relaxing and calming environment,
to prevent sensory overload. Projectors can create an engaging and
inclusive environment which promotes communication, connection and
interaction – to a soothing and calming environment which allows anyone
to escape from the pressures and noises in the ‘real world’.

VAT EXEMPTIONZero VAT is available on some of our Projectors – please contact us for information and a VAT exemption form to complete.

concentration, focus, tracking, participation, interaction,
communication, connection, visual and tactile stimulation, improve mood, and calm and relax.

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