fun and interesting range of both age appropriate and nostalgic sensory activities, toys and games, to actively engage adults, the elderly, people living with DementiaAlzheimer’sParkinson’s, or following a stroke or brain injury. Imeaningfulpurposeful and enjoyable activities and games, they will use a combination of skills including physical, social, emotional, cognition and sensory skills.Our activities can be enjoyed aloneone-to-one, or in a group with adults or a mix of children and adults. This can combat boredom, agitation, aggression, apathy and anxiety.The elderly and people living with Dementia often have restless hands and have the need to be busy so they like the stimulation of activities. Gentle repetitive actions or even simply holding something keeps their hands meaningfully occupied.Activities can improve the ability to communicate which offers a chance to talk and share stories. Social interaction and participation, a result of improved communication, can help to alleviate depression and isolation.Many of our nostalgic activities will stimulate fond memories. They all are great icebreakers for social activity and ideal for Activity Coordinators in care homes, residential homes, and nursing homes. For therapists, carers, and families, these activities are just as beneficial.BENEFITS: Develop fine motor & dexterity skills, gross motor skills, grip, hand-eye coordination, concentration, stress-relief, and a sense of well-being, achievement, success and independence. Use to open up a window of communication and connection, enhance social skills, promote tactile awareness, visual perception, cognitive stimulation, reduce agitation, anxiety and apathy, trigger treasured memories, entertain and amuse, and to distract.ALSO SEE CATEGORIES: Balls • Collections & Kits Exercise Tactile 

Activities & Games

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