Our vast collection of sensory balls for babies, teens & adults allows you to indulge your senses in an amazing array of textures, densities, shapes, sizes, weights, sounds,and colours that you can bounce,roll, throw, catch, squeeze, stretch and shake.

We have an incredible range of every type of ball you can imagine to help explore the senses, and promote a natural desire to reach out, touch, explore, and experience the different contrasts, textures, shapes and bright colours.

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Just as important, use for exercise, games, and to promote a multitude of sensory and physical benefits.

This fun range of balls will actively engage adults, the elderly, people living with all stages of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or following a stroke or brain injury. This can combat boredom, agitation, aggression, apathy and anxiety.

The elderly and people living with Dementia often have rest less hands and have the need to be busy, so they enjoy the stimulation of having a ball to hold, and enjoy gentle repetitive actions to keep their hands busy and meaning fully occupied, which can help to alleviate depression and isolation.

Ball activities and games with a group or even one-to-one can help to improve the ability to communicate, encouraging more social interaction and participation, which can help to alleviate depression and isolation, making these an ideal for Activity Coordinators in care homes, residential homes and nursing homes.

BENEFITS: To improve level of fitness, blood circulation, cardio-vascular functioning, strength, co-ordination, physical endurance and speed, to promote gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, gripping skills, and to promote social skills – to help to reduce falls, and to help the person remain active and healthier.

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