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Sensory Bubble Tube Lamps and our popular Bubble Panels are a ’must have’ for any Sensory Room, White Room or Black Room.

Suitable for all abilities and ages, Bubble Tubes create an engaging, stimulating, and inclusive learning environment, encouraging communication, connection and interaction to unlock the individual’s potential as they explore, discover and enjoy.

Ready to ‘plug in’ and enjoy anywhere, our Bubble Tubes allow you to create a whole new breathtaking environment, in any room or corner, encouraging focus, concentration and visual tracking. Our Bubble Tube is available in 2 different versions, Passive and Interactive, and 2 heights.

Our interactive Bubble Tubes provide switches which allow individuals to interact with them, with captivating visual and tactile rewards, designed to allow you to easily change the mood of your sensory room from stimulating and engaging – to a relaxing and calming environment, to prevent sensory overload.

'Passive' continually morphs and changes through a series of different colours. 'Interactive' is controlled via a wireless switch box, allowing you to select or mix colours using the illuminated switches, the remote is rechargeable, so there’s no need to replace batteries, and if no button is pressed for a pre-set period the Interactive Bubble Tube returns to passive mode. Bubble Tubes create an interactive environment that allows anyone to escape from the pressures and noises in the ‘real world’.

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