Autism Sensory Toys and resources for autistic kids of all ages as well as adults. Selected toys for Autism & ADHD including light up and fidget toys to suit any budget.

We use expert therapists and consultants to choose our Autistic Sensory Toys and we build bespoke sensory rooms for a variety of institutions and NHS facilities.

Special children deserve special toys. When it comes to finding entertainment for children on the autism spectrum, all toys need to serve a double purpose.

While they need to provide solid and long-lasting entertainment, they also need to stimulate the child in the particular areas where the child is facing difficulties.

That is why we put have together this concise and comprehensive list of all of our Sensory Toys for autistic children. Here you will find Sensory Autism toys that stimulate a wide range of areas including visual, motor, cognitive, speech, mental development, vestibular and proprioceptive, balance training and much more.

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