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Tomy and Lamaze are renowned world wide for their outstanding baby toys and products,
and are loved by babies and parents alike They are multi award winning
manufacturers of developmental toys for babies and all the stages they go
through in early life. Their products are designed together with experts on
early childhood development and cover a wide range of activities and ways for your baby to grow, learn and develop their cognitive, visual and motor skills.


TOMY & Lamaze Products

Lamaze -Rusty the Robot Baby Toy

£2.35 (incl. VAT)

With their bright colours, wide smiles, big eyes and soft fabric, Lamaze toys
are very appealing to babies and encourage them to explore and learn on their
own. We carry a
very wide selection of their products, including Cot Clip-on Toys for when
you’re on the go, high chair toys, buggy toys, baby toys, books, learning toys,
activity toys, footfinders, play mats and gyms.

So let your
baby go on an Lamaze adventure Freddie the Firefly, Octotunes, Rusty the Robot, My Friend Emily, Squeezy the Donkey, The Musical InchwormPurring Percival, Jacques The Peacock, Captain Calamari the Octopus Pirate, Cosimo Concerto and many more fun Tomy and Lamaze characters!

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