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3 Piece Timer Set – RedOoze Tube, Liquid Timer, 5 Minute Sand Timer


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3 Piece timer set

OOZE TUBE: Size: 20cm Tall – Turn the tube upright to watch the Jelly liquid ooze to the bottom.

SINGLE LIQUID TIMER: Size: 15 cm in height – Turn the liquid motion bubblers upright to watch the colorful bubbles make their way to the bottom. These sensory ooze timers will keep you and your children fascinated and entertained for hours. Assorted Timers

SAND TIMER HOUR GLASS: Standing over 15cm tall this big sand timer is made from finely granulated smooth flowing sand as well as perfectly rounded bulbs to prevent clogging and lagging.

Use this sand timer for classroom to stimulate and motivate kids, for games, for activities, cooking, or office desk décor. This kids sand timer is also great for turn taking, clean up time, story time, or teeth brushing time. Bright colors and smooth flowing sand have a calming effect making this visual timer id

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