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  • Captivating focal point for any room
  • Encourages visual tracking and concentration
  • Calming effect for many children
  • Turn any room into a whole new environment
  • Encourages touch and auditory awareness

Our Bubble Tube offers a unique sensory experience and provides a captivating and exciting focal point for any sensory room. It encourages visual tracking, focusing, and concentration, and can have a calming effect for many children. It also encourages touch, and auditory awareness. Our Bubble Tube is available in 2 versions: Passive and Interactive. And 3 heights: 1m, 1.5m & 1.75m. 'Passive' continually morphs and changes through a series of different colours. 'Interactive' is controlled via a wireless switch box, select colours red, green, blue, yellow, or mix the colours using the illuminated switches. The central button also allows you to turn the bubbles on and off. The remote is rechargable so no need to replace batteries, and if no button is pressed for a pre-set period the Interactive Bubble Tube returns to passive mode. Bubble Tubes create any room into a whole new environment. A must have for any sensory room, white room or black room, and to create your very own multi-sensory room. The Bubble Tube draws attention and interest through the constantly changing colours and moving bubbles, ideal for visual stimulation, development of cause and effect skills, colour sequencing & matching and encouraging touch through vibration. Wall Brackets, Water Siphons and BCB fluid are also available and recommended. Wall Brackets are recommended with Bubble Tubes over 1 metre high to provide additional stability. The water siphon allows for easy drainage of the water to clean and refill, and the fluid prevents bacterial growth in the tube. Caution: We recommend children are supervised at all times.

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Character: Passive 1.5m, Passive 1.75m, Interactive 1m, Interactive 1.5m, Interactive 1.75m, Plinth, Plinth & Castors
Age: 3 Years+

price: £880.80 Inc. VAT

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