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Cacto Cube Blocks “Jungle” – Sensory Construction Toy 100 Pieces


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The Jungle Edition of our popular Cacto Cubes are the newest must-have construction toy. Their unique design and features reshapes the world of building blocks as we know. All blocks consist of a long “brush” part with little “fingers” on them, and constructions are made by interlocking them and joining them in various ways.

Add both jungle explorers and various jungle animals to your Cacto Cube Collection! With their simple, yet clever, design even children from the age of age can have enjoyment from playing with these blocks.They are also compatible with similar products on the market, such as StickleBricks, in case you already have a set and would like to add more to your collection. All Cacto Cubes set come in a smart storage unit with lid, some you can clean up with ease after a play session.

These cubes are also great for children suffering from various sensory issues. They can provide tactile stimulation, and building with them can enhance your child’s understanding of things such as balance and weights, and also create spacial awareness.


So give your children imagination and creativity a real treat! Cure boredom once and for all with these colourful and motivating Cacto Cubes!

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