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Candy Pink Slime


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  • It?s candy pink slime? that you make yourself!
  • Comes with a pack of colour beads
  • Slime is stretchy, squishy, and sublimely slimy!
  • Box includes everything you need to make your slime
  • For ages 8 and up

Loads of animals and sea-life have it, but (with the exception of a few politicians) humans aren?t slimy. Seeing this, and understanding how much we like to play with it, Professor Pengelly found the perfect recipe for slime. And, even better, he?s boxed it so that you can make your very own slime at home!

With Professor Pengelly?s Candy Pink Make Your Own Slime, you get a box full of everything you need to make some bright pink, colourfully dotted slime. In the tub you?ll find some clear glue, a catalyzer, a bottle of dye (extracted humanely from the pinkest candies), a pack of coloured beads, and a stirring stick.

To make it, you just need to follow the instructions! But it?s pretty much a case of mixing the chemicals, throwing in the beads, and stirring it all up. Fortunately, you won?t need a high-tech (or even low-tech) lab to make this slime, but you should wash your hands after each use. And, of course, don?t eat it!

Once the slime?s made, it?s play time! Squish it, stretch it, and fiddle with it to your heart?s content. It?s brilliant fun for kids aged 8 and up and is even great for helping adults get rid of their stress!

Slime shouldn?t be just for snails and scientists. And, thanks to the good old Prof, it isn?t! So, to get your hands on (and in, and covered with?) some slime, order this Professor Pengelly?s Make Your Own Slime kit today!

Peace of mind: All of Pengelly?s putties and slime products have been tested to the highest safety standards and are fully compliant with EU Toy safety levels.

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