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Mosaic Making Kit – 4 Templates from Stone by Stone


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The Art of Mosaic Making has been around for over 2500 years, with it’s origins in Ancient Greece. While the Elite paved their floors with marble slabs, the commoners searched the riverbeds and seashores for pebbles which were placed within the mortar they laid on their floors.

Over the years, the craft developed with more complex designs resulting in mosaics. At this point, pre-cut coloured stone cubes replaced the pebbles that were once used. Mosaic-making was a time consuming process that required skilled workmanship.

Only natural stone was used, which was cut and shaped into the size required. It is estimated that a skilled craftsman was able to lay about 200 stones per hour and it might take several months to complete an entire floor. Therefore, a Mosaic floor was the mark of a wealthy household or grans public building.

Today, with the aid of this kit, you can imagine yourself to be a craftsman of the distant past, creating your own Mosaic floor.

This kit contains enough material to create 1 Mosaic – there are 4 designs to choose from within the Kit.

The size of one Mosaic Tile: 20 x 20 cm.

Age: 10+

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