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Spikey Massage Balls for Sensory Stimulation and Rehabilitation – Set of 3


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These Sensory Massage Balls are super textured tactile balls. Their soft tactile conical spikes provide sensory stimulation ideal for sensory play and massage. They help to stimulate tactile awareness, blood circulation and sensory receptors. Adults and children will love these unique textured balls which can be used in so many ways such as body massages,yoga, fitness and sensory integration therapy. Our Sensory Massage Balls are soft and stimulating, and enhance gross motor and tactile skills, encouraging crawling and co-ordination in the young, and exercise and sensory stimulation in all other ages. 

Each set comes with 3 balls in different sizes: 7.6 cm, 6.6 cm and 5.4 cm. Each set comes in assorted colours.

Size: 7.6 cm, 6.6 cm and 5.4 cm

Colour: Assorted

Usage: Sensory stimulation and rehabilitation.

Age: 6+

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