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Stretchy Octopus – Sensory Tactile Toy


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Our super tactile Stretchy Octopus is rubbery and highly pliable. This irresistible octopus character is bright and colourful and is sure to be a favourite with fidgets who will love to squeeze, stretch and experience this underwater character. Sure to grab their interest and promote communication and discussion. This stretchy octopus is? fabulous to feel and will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Helps to keep the fingers busy and occupied, so the mind is free to focus. Kids love to fiddle and fidget with this tactile octopus . Useful as a reward or motivator. Can be hidden in sand, water or snow for tactile discoveries.


Size:?Approx 19cm.

Age:?3 Years+

Usage: Sensory Tactile Play




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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 cm

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