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Tangle – Metallic Fidget Toy


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This tangle has a shiny metallic visual, while being smooth in texture. Available in pink, blue, gold, or silver or brass colours – please comment your preference at checkout.

 Technically, a Tangle is a series of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint. It has no beginning and no end, just continuous motion, which is almost hypnotic, attractive to the eyes, hands and brain – twist it, turn it, feel it.. no one can put a Tangle down! It unleashes creativity, making anyone compulsively search for patterns and abstractions to express themselves. An excellent fidget, it can help restless children to focus and stimulate attention and concentration by keeping the mind and hands occupied. A safe distraction tool to relieve stress and frustration, promoting relaxation as they experience the different textures taking their minds off the distractions and noises of their surroundings. Our tangles all fit in the palm of a hand, ideal pocket size, and come in different versions. Supplied in various colours. Age 3 Years+

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 cm

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