Fidget Spinner Toy - Rainbow Gyro

  • Fidget Spinner Toy - Rainbow Gyro
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Our best quality weighted Spinner which spins... and spins... and spins... The latest must have, high selling, craze line. Our highly addictive Rainbow Fidget Spinner just keeps going... and going... and going. A stress-relief device suitable for anyone everywhere, once picked up you just can’t put it down.

Place the device between your finger and thumb then flick it with your finger to start the hypnotic spinning. This Spinner is rainbow coloured and made of metal which makes this spinner extremely robust.. 

The precision high quality bearing
allows the spinner to spin for many minutes just from a single flick.
Very rewarding. Keep it in your pocket or bag and take it where ever you go. A great fine motor workout for fingers of the young and old, and sure to be very popular.

All our Fidget Spinners have been CE marked and are safe for any child over 3 years old (watch out for the inferior cheaper imitations with poor bearings and poor spin time). One Spinner supplied.

Measures approx: 6cm.

Age: 3 Years.


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