Single Therapy Scrub Brush

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This Single Therapy Scrub Brush has many soft bristles and is suitable for use in the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol. This is a treatment often recommended by therapists as a solution to decrease tactile defensiveness. Wilbarger Brushes can be used alongside the use of weighted products and deep pressure activities, and a well balanced sensory diet. It is essential any sensory defensiveness is addressed and monitored by an Occupational Therapist or professional who can guide you on safe and appropriate treatment and techniques that will not cause distress to the child or adult. The Wilbarger brushes approach includes application of firm rapid pressure touch with a non-scratching brush with many bristles to the arms, hands, back, legs and feet. This is followed by gentle joint compression's to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, ankles and sometimes fingers and feet. The Wilbarger Brushing technique should be demonstrated by a knowledgeable therapist. The latest update on recommended stroking direction is 'up & down'. Another recommendation is to maintain skin contact at all times, so keep your hand on the child before moving the brush to another body part. Cautions: Never use a therapy brush on the head, neck, chest or stomach. This is not a Wilbarger product. This is not a toy.


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