Sensory Kit - 3 Spikey Light Up Rugby Balls

  • Sensory Kit - 3 Spikey Light Up Rugby Balls
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Our exclusive  Sensory Ball Kits are a fantastic collection of tactile sensory balls. Indulge your senses in an amazing array of textures, densities, shapes, sizes, weights, sounds and colours, use them to bounce, roll, throw, catch, squeeze, stretch, yo-yo and shake. Our Sensory Ball Collection promotes tactile awareness, visual perception, hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills, concentration, visual tracking, focus, crossing the mid-line, and manipulation. Use to play games, 'to-and-fro', to encourage success, to de-stress, as fidgets, and to open discussion. This kit is intended for sensory play and supervision is required at all times. Our Sensory Small Ball Kit is a captivating collection suitable for children and adults alike and will be enjoyed over and over again. 

Contents include: 3 Spikey Light Up Rugby Balls

On occasion, contents, colours and design can vary according to stock availability - substitutes will be to the same value or greater.

CAUTION: Supervision is recommended at all times

Most items are available in stock to purchase separately.


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