Spinning Sensory Kit

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Our exclusive Spinning Sensory Kit is a wonderful interactive collection of visual lighting effects. Ideal for sensory dens, each item offers a unique lighting effect, including spinning, colour morphing, flashing and projecting. This spinning sensory kit will delight many children with special needs, and is age appropriate for adults living with Dementia.

This gorgeous spinning Kit will mesmerise everyone with its range of lighting effects, and is just as effective with background lighting. Completely portable, and no sounds apart the Pink Mace Spinner, this kit is ideal to create a mesmerising calm atmosphere or den anywhere. All items are completely safe to freely handle and move - and you are completely in control of the light effect. Supervision is recommended at all times. All items are supplied with batteries (batteries are replaceable) and are ready to use immediately. Our Spinning Sensory Kit will be enjoyed over and over again. Excellent for therapists on the move for use as distractions and to open discussion. This kit is supplied in a small lidded box ready to be taken anywhere with you - car journeys, visiting friends, outings, shopping. Age 3 months+

Typical contents include: 

  • Original Fidget Spinner
  • Cosmic Disco Spinner
  • Crazy Orbit Spinner
  • Large Galaxy Spinner
  • Pink Mace Spinner
  • Rainbow Windmill Spinner
  • Mini LED Spinning Top

On occasion, contents, colours and design can vary according to stock availability - substitutes will be to the same value or greater.

CAUTION: Supervision is recommended at all times

Most items are available in stock to purchase separately.

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