Sensory Fidget Kit - Stretch & Twist

  • Sensory Fidget Kit - Stretch & Twist
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Our Stretch & Twist Kit offers a fabulous range of tactile fidgets that can be s-s-stretched and twisted, and are ready to ‘Grab & Go’. This Fidget Kit helps to keep fingers busy and occupied - allowing the mind to focus and be organised. Excellent for therapists on the move for use as distractions and to open discussion. 

Contents include:

- 3 Mini Stretchy Smiley Men

- 1 Twist & Lock Blocks

- 1 Clear Stress Ball

- 1 Light Up Smiley Ball

- 1 Stretchy - Apple & Worms

Please note: on occasion contents and colours may vary according to stock availability. We will replace with a similar item to the same value or higher. 

Caution: supervision advised with children who may try to mouth and bite.

Most items are available in stock to purchase separately.

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