Therapy Sensory Tactile Therapy Putty 5 Colours - 5 Strengths utty ( 5 Colours - 5 Strengths )

  • Sensory Tactile Therapy Putty  5 Colours/5 Strengths - Non Toxic
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Our Therapy Putty is a great way to effectively exercise and strengthen your hands.

The putty is ideal for people with arthritis in hands or injury rehabilitation. This putty is lightweight, non-greasy and perfect for people with reduced hand strength. Ideal for exercising hands that suffer from pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis. Can also be used for post-surgical exercise. The lightweight, velvety texture is the result of a unique composition that makes it less oily. Therapy putty won't stick to skin or under fingernails, and maintains resistance while pinching and squeezing.

Includes 5 colours/5 strengths in clear tubs:

Tan = Extra Soft

Yellow = Soft

Red = Soft/Medium

Green = Medium

Blue =Firm


  • Effectively exercise and strengthen your hands
  • 5 colours – 5 strengths
  • Lightweight & non-greasy
  • Won't stick to skin or under fingernails
  • Each pot contains 57gm of putty
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