Wooden Cutting Veg with Chopping Board

  • Wooden Cutting Veg with Chopping Board
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These well-finished wooden food playing sets bring timeless fun. Each set contains a wooden cutting board and knife. Cut food in half and fit them back together again with Velcro. Includes: 1 x Chopping Board, 1 x Wooden Knife, 1 x Potato, 1 x cucumber, 1 x Corn, 1 x Carrot, 1 x Onion, 1 x Pepper, 1 x Tomato

  • Fun wooden fruit chopping set
  • Cutting the food makes a satisfying “crunch”
  • A playful introduction to concepts of “whole” & “part
  • Includes 6 wooden & Velcro exotic fruits
  • Wooden knife & chopping board



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